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Dear visitors! We are glad to greet you at our site ‘The territory arrangement in Russia’. On the title page our motto speaks about our potential users : ‘For a student and the President’. Our site includes published works , documents and copies. 

Our site contains three basic and three supporting catalogues (divisions), which is noted with the main page on the upper keyword.
News - besides the information about site development it is possible to acquaint with new documents and materials from DB “Library” and “The whole Russia” here monthly. It is possible to receive our news on email only after registration, which brought 351 subscribers already. 
About the site - you can find detailed answers for such questions as: who was this site created for, why was it created and by whom, who takes part in its further development and who may do it. The selection and allocation criteria can be also found here.
Library - it's the first database of the site and was created in December 2002. It is a web–directory of bibliographical descriptions with 936 source-books and anthologies (texts, graphs, maps). It's a library with 811 source-books, with search on authors, terms (key words), names (tittles) and advanced search.   
"The whole Russia" - the second database of the site (version 3 on 1.01.2007) and the main section. This is socioeconomically catalogue with more than 20 thousands links, which also includes more than 811 territorial sites. The page of each region (the Subject of Federation) contains the main description, divisions of all cities and towns, districts and district centers of Russia. Others 18 sections the information had been collected for years from different regions. Through others sites’ links users can see all rural locality. In 2008 the development of DB “The Whole Russia” was realized with support of International Science Fund of economical studies in the name of academician N.P.Fedorenko. Access to the advanced search and analysis of this database FREE from April, 30 2008. Users also could check presentation of database “The Whole Russia” (2, 2 Mb) 

“The World’s countries” is development of previous topic “vshir”. Here, in regional section, Europe, Asia and America had been completed.

Links - you can find 12 theme web-directories, 56 sub-directories, about 900 sites or pages related to our subject and interesting for the author of this site here. It is more convenient to acquaint with the catalogue using the links-map.

The monography is third basic section of a site, M.K.Shishkov's monography "the Territorial device of Russia: problems and prospects" (Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4. 5, 6, 7 and 8), written under the fund grant "Scientific potential". On October, 19th, 2009 the monography has come out.

It is possible to carry teaching materials to this section on economic geography of Russia.

Dialogue - auxiliary summary section includes subdirectories:

The forum - the New forum is opened on March, 8th, and since August, 1st, 2009 replacement of the cores with that by Shishkov M. K's Monography as a whole and under chapters 1, 2, 3, 4 is made. 5, 6, 7, 8, and also the Database All Russia.

The previous forum for 2003-2009 is accessible to viewing in archive. Placing of messages at a forum after check of registration by the manager.

The guest book is 249 questions, offers, remarks and wishes on a site, and also messages on the new sources concerning a theme of a site.

Contacts to authors - electronic addresses of authors and participants of the project.

Our partners - references to the resources helping development of the project.


December, 30th, 2002 - November, 8th, 2009



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