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 " This work was really great.
 It  was not beyond one! " (Nekrasov, "Railway")

Creation of a site has changed the work which was begun earlier by the author on preparation of the collection of documents and materials, a special course and the monography on the territory in Russia. Therefore within two years students of four high schools of Samara took part in preparation of the materials. They are Samara State University of Economics (SSEU) , Samara state university (SSU), the Samara branch of the Russian University of Academy of Education (URAO) and the Samara Municipal Institute of Management (SMIM).

Third-year students of SMIM of faculty " State and municipal management" have brought a really contribution at a final stage of work. They were the first who started to study a new rate " the Territorial organization of the population ", on which there are no textbooks and methodical manuals. So this site has become very useful for them.

Surnames of students are specified in the top headline of many of the documents prepared on a site. Though this is not only recognition of their work - but also their responsibility.
The Head of the Department professor Voronin Victor Vladimirovich has rendered the long-term help to the author with the literature on economic geography of Russia.

The author is grateful for the help and attention to employees of library SMIM and to the head of the library Mavrina Marina Konstantinovna.

The materials preparing for the site, had assisted students with term papers, examinations and reports even before official inauguration. The system of training has turned out in spontanius - the literature for written works and reports appears accessible to all students. It considerably facilitates performance of similar tasks to their fellow students and the following generation of students. At the same time it allows to make great demands for students on selection and using the new literature.
Ability and basic opportunity for the further development of a site has come to light. All-Russian orientation on the territory arrangement of separate regions in Russia compel to allocate materials on differenteconomic regions on separate pages.

The separate manager will be able to conduct each of pages of a site. This role would be more logical for carrying out to colleagues of the author - both to separate teachers of high schools, and collectives of faculties led by the Head of the faculty. But it would not be desirable to become isolated on one subject and to be limited to information space of one region. Therefore it is desirable to involve in cooperation of colleagues from other high schools and regions.

But it is a prospect. And for the beginning we invite to cooperate all interested persons. This cooperation can be versatile:

the information about the noticed discrepancies and mistakes both under the information placed on a site, and on work of the software;

any offers and remarks on structure and materials of a site, on its probable delopment and improvement;

the information on sources on a theme of the site;

new sources both on paper carriers and in an e-version.

More clear opportunities of cooperation will come after acquaintance with principles and conditions of materials placed on a site in the supplementary sheet Information.

December 30, 2002

One and a half year has passed after the inauguration of this page. It is the time to add the new names here.

For this period the amount information has considerably risen. The second basic section has appeared. It is the directory of administrative-territorial division All Russia. All Russia has developed the catalogue of territorial sites into an independent database and it is the most attended part of the site.

Except for merits of the author, web-master and numerous participants from among of students it is necessary to note the contribution of our partners in the development of our directory-catalogue. First of all, it is Leonid Losin from St. Petersburg, the author of a site maps of cities and regions of Russia , where now the greatest number of visitors of our site comes from. George Fedosov from Moscow, the author of a site the Note about travel on Russia shows the greatest activity in updating the catalogue of references - or nearly so third from available about 1700 territorial sites . Another Moscower Nikolay Kolpakov helps in updating by new sites of territories.

The amount of works with the directory - catalogue All Russia has demanded allocation for it an independent manager. It is Roman Fomin who has become an independent manager.

July 27, 2004

Time runs fast... Three years has passed from the last record on this page. Roman Fomin, the student of the Samara State University of Economics and a final-year student of the Samara Municipal Institute of Management Irina Stetsjuk have left our project. They both are among the authors of the directory the Territory arrangement in Russia in January 1,2004.

The second web-master, the student of SMIM Alexey Pichugin has appeared in the project since January, 2005. The English version, the falling menu, accommodation of new tables on the countries of the world and many other things is his merit.
Eugeny Pavlenko, a student of SSEU has been preparing all tables on the countries of the world for four years.

Other student of SSEU Alexey Sorokin has become the manager of a database Directory-Catalogue All Russia since December, 2006. He has qualitatively made better the database. He has made possible transition from the information on administrative-territorial division to all social and economic indices on regions, cities and the areas which are taken into account by the state statistics. The number of parameters has redoubleed: from several tens up to more thousand. The software of a database of "Directory - catalogue" All Russia , developed by Michael Kormushinym, has improved.

In May, 2007 Vladimir Viktorovich Artjuhov from Moscow, the author of one of the oldest sites of Russian Internet www.sci.aha.ru, was included in structure of participants of the project. Vladimir has already been taking part in our project for more than two years. His program under the cartographical image of the digital information on regions (subjects of Federation), cities and areas has been adapted for a database "Directory - catalogue" All Russia by Michael Kormushin.

September 6, 2007
Today is the beginning of the new academic year and we are renewing page Contacts with authors: one of the author of this site Aleksey Sorokin is not a student anymore and longlasting participator of project Eugene Pavlenko, who nevertheless is staing with us. Plus, Aleksey Pichugin, whos leaving us. We wish him all the best and will be always happy to see him again.
Our new purchase- two sophomore students from Samara State Economic University, major application informatics, Olga Polunina and Alina Serova, who already took a part in our project.



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