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About a site: the information

For any of users of a site, and in particular for possible it The participants, useful will get acquainted with criteria and selection principles And information placings on a site:

1) In the information Appointment was specified, What is materials on a site urged to facilitate selection and processing Information at performance of works in the educational and scientific purposes, and also Publications in mass-media.

2) In Participants it is specified that the site Is conceived as interdisciplinary. Therefore the author is interested in development A site in all possible directions.

3) This project does not pursue commercial benefit. It is necessary To consider it as the collection of documents (хрестоматию - meeting of texts and Fragments from them on a certain theme) also it is possible to carry simultaneously to number Scientific and critical works, educational and educational editions.

4) the Author, as a rule, adhered to the restrictions imposed by the legislation About copyrights, in particular item 11 "Author's The right of composers of collections and other compound products" And item 19 "Use of product without the consent The author and without award payment" the Law "ABOUT the COPYRIGHT And the ADJACENT RIGHTS". Exceptions became, basically, for products More than 30-year-old prescription.

5) Except requirements of the legislation on protection of copyrights, restrictions On information placing on a site imposed labour input of preparation And restrictions on site volume (100 Mb)

6) Texts of textbooks and monographies are limited, as a rule, full To the name, the summary, a table of contents (maintenance), with instructions of pages, The list of the literature (bibliography) and several paragraphs, most Actual for a theme and site problems.

7) In a table of contents references to sections are specified (heads, paragraphs) on which There is a text (in full or in part) and on the bibliography. In the bibliography References to the sources which are available on a site will be given. A work part still it is necessary to make and supplement last in process of site development.

8) On the first level of the information applied on everyone source already It is possible to define its character and volume approximately. The text total amount in the second Level does not exceed, as a rule, one quire (16 typewritten Pages). The information on the greatest on the size to sources заархивирована, About what in the end of the first level (as a rule, after a table of contents) it is specified: "All available The information on a source makes ___ Kb".

9) As the lack of the majority of sources placed independently while Is information representation in a text kind (.rtf.doc) that is considerable Increases a waiting time of occurrence of the information on the screen (document disclosing). Therefore, and also for simplification of information search through search systems, Still it is necessary to translate the information in web-pages.

10) the Majority of the sources placed on a site, are available for the author In the typographical edition, a copy from it or an electronic kind - completely Or partially, but in volume exceeding exposed on a site. Therefore, At requirement to receive more detailed information on everyone concrete To a source, it is possible to address on electronic Mail or on the guest book to the author of a site.

11) the Author is ready to respond, first of all, to the references containing Also the offers on replenishment of a site by other materials, that is about Information interchange.

12) the Most valuable author's information exposed on a site:

Reference The grant on economic geography of Russia, 2002г.

The grant covers all basic sections of a course and includes tables, Schedules and diagrammes, and also their short analysis, made on a basis The official statistical data ("Rosstatezhegodnik", 2001г., "Regions of Russia", in 2 т., 2001г. And "Russia in figures", 2002г.). Its distinctive feature is information representation On economic region, instead of developed with 2001г. Official The statistical data on federal districts.

Collected on the basis of several sources under the direction of the author, The given information meets a lack in absence of the directory administrative-territorial Divisions of the Russian Federation: last edition across the USSR - 1987, across RSFSR - 1986 Moreover - the electronic version allows to spend on the basis of concrete Information as studies on computers with students, and scientific Researches.

The similar information on a site is presented in a short form in The directory-catalogue "All Russia" on each region (the subject of Federation) For 1.01.2002 in tables.

"Monography". In quality A course of lectures on discipline "the Territorial organisation of the population" and A special course of "the Problem of perfection of the territorial device of Russia" Work is almost finished, but, naturally, will be constantly updated. As the high-grade monography it is necessary to make more many.

13) "Requirements on registration of materials, Placed on a site", will be useful to interested persons to present Materials for a site in a ready kind that, certainly, will accelerate this process.


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