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Despite that the author at the site one, its direct creation is concerned by three persons. At first about the author or the publisher of a site.
Shishkov Michael Konstantinovich  (biography)

Lives in Samara. In 1999 has finished postgraduate study and has defended the dissertation. After 25 years of the state and municipal service since 2001 the teacher in high schools. During all labour activity aspires to perfection of the surrounding validity - to the country as a whole to what the list of publications testifies.

Since January, 2002 the author has periodically started to use the Internet (on the computer constantly works since 1990), and in February has got acquainted in a network with Ruslan Skorynin (Scout), living in Toronto (Canada). On R.Skorynin's site "Corporation Russia" the first works on a theme "Territorial device of Russia" have been placed.
The help of Ruslan in Internet space development has appeared so helpfull that has allowed the novice user of the Internet to put forward idea about creation of own site. This idea could be still for a long time not carried out: opening of the address of a site on the Internet, the plan of its working out, consultation on its creation and registration is a merit of Ruslan Skorynin. It carries out also financial support of the project.

In the middle of September, 2002 the author had one more most active assistant - duties of the web master the student has incurred 3 courses of the Samara municipal institute of management Michael Kormushin (Diablo). Its possibilities have allowed to carry out that for three months, on what the author originally was going to spend years. Michael's participation in creation of a site is beyond simply work of the web master. It the first gets acquainted with the materials placed on a site, and its opinion as the student - the representative of the wide range of users of a site - it is especially valuable to the author.

However everything that the handwork not only three persons is placed on a site. It was created also by numerous Participants.




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